Safety Plan

This safety plan incorporates new procedures and cleaning protocols in relation to Covid-19

Step 1: Assess the risk at Milltown Bar and Grill

While assessing the risk of transmission at Milltown Bar and Grill we did the following:

– We involved our front line workers, supervisors and our joint health and safety committee. (CV-1)
– We have Identified where people gather (CV-2)
– We have identified job tasks and processes where workers are close to one another or members of the public (CV-3)
– We have identified tools and equipment that workers share while working (CV-4)
– We have identified surfaces that people touch often (CV-5)

Step 2: Implement protocols to reduce the risks

Milltown Bar and Grill representatives reviewed industry-specific protocols from WorkSafe BC. In addition, we also reviewed recommendations from the BCRFA and incorporated those as well into our safety plan. Finally, orders from the PHO have been reviewed and implemented.

Frontline workers and Safety Committee recommendations were also taken into consideration and discussed.

We have established and posted an occupancy limit for our premises and patios that does not exceed 50% of our normal capacity and seating has been laid out in accordance of the PHO.

We have established and posted an occupancy limits for common areas which include: Staff room, stock/electrical room, Office, Keg cooler, Kitchen walk in cooler.

Measures in Place to limit the number of people at the work place and to ensure physical distancing when possible
– WE have cut down our customer capacity to under 50% for inside and patio seating
– Tables have been spaced out in accordance to the PHO orders and space for chairs have been taken into account
– We have installed physical barriers between fixed seating (booths) higher than 6 feet in height.
– We have posted and informed staff of capacity allowed in common employee areas
– Management can complete administrative and office duties from home if able to
– We have limited the amount of workers in certain work spaces (CV-6)
– Zero physical contact between staff and customers including handshakes, hugs, or fist pumps

Measures in place for barriers and partitions

– Booth seating will have physical barriers in between each other measuring at least 6 feet in height.
– Newly added physical barriers have been added to the cleaning and sanitizing protocol list
– Physical barriers were considered for kitchen areas, but after discussions with kitchen front line workers, they decided that barriers would just be for optic reasons and not actually practical safety measures.
– If practical, one way traffic will be implemented for customers inside Milltown Bar and Grill.
– Customers going to use the washroom will be asked to yield to oncoming staff and customers coming from kitchen area and bathrooms. They will be asked to wait by the entry to the hallway by table 48. Proper signage will be posted.

Measures in place (administrative) Rules and Guidelines

– Delivery drivers not permitted into restaurant or kitchen areas. When deliveries occur, drivers not permitted past the ice machine which is the main entry to the kitchen. Signage is in place.
– Servers are asked not to touch coffee cups or water glasses when refilling
– More extensive hand washing procedures have been put in place including signage.
– Single use menus to be used at first and then once we move to laminated menu they will be disinfected after every use
– No items will be pre set on tables or remain on tables in between customer use.
– Takeout containers will be provided for customers so they can pack up their own food instead of staff packing up leftovers
– Servers will use their own designated servers terminals when possible.
– Only bartender is permitted to pour drinks and touch the bar gun, beer taps and liquor bottles. If anyone has to fill in temporarily or help out they will disinfect the equipment they used
– Tables, chairs, booths and vinyl will be sanitized and disinfected after every use as well as the new physical barriers that have been added. A solution that has been approved by Health Canada to combat Covid-19 will be used.
– Only rectangular tables will be in circulation so that the server has a safe point of a contact with customers.
– A timed schedule of extra cleaning measures will be followed to disinfect common surfaces and equipment such as door handles and POS terminals (CV-7) (every 30 mins)
– Staff to refrain from any sort of physical contact such as handshakes, hugs or fist pumps
– Customers are not permitted to move any tables or chairs unless approved by a restaurant manager as proper social distancing between tables have already been calculated and set.

Using Masks and other PPE

– Dishwasher will be required to wear a mask as they come in to contact with dirty dishes and utensils constantly, plus there is a higher risk with splashing from the hose onto dirty plates. If a face shield is requested by staff then one will be provided for them.
– The busser/clearer will be required to wear a mask and gloves
– Nobody else on staff is required to wear a mask, however masks will be provided for and instructions how to use will also be provided for any staff member who wants to wear one.

Reducing the risk of surface transmission through effective cleaning and hygiene practices.

Staff ARE INSTRUCTED to perform regular hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds following the official handwashing guidelines. It is mandatory that handwashing be done:

– Immediately after entering Milltown Bar and Grill for your shift
– After changing into your uniform and before reporting to your work station
– Before and after breaks
– After touching or cleaning tables any surfaces that may be contaminated
– After sneezing, coughing or nose blowing
– After touching your face or hair
– After using the restroom
– After touching personal phones
– After using shared equipment such as computers, POS systems and debit terminals between different users.

Handwashing Stations and Procedures will be Visible and available for every staff member as well as hand sanitizer stations.

30 minute cleaning schedule to be followed: (alarm app on Milltown iPad)

– Host will clean the front door handles
– Busser/clearer will sanitize the rest of the FOH and Common area surfaces list in CV-7
– Dishwasher will sanitize all the BOH area surfaces listed in CV-7
Other cleaning and hygiene practices to be followed during shift:
– Designated servers should try and serve only and not clear dirty or contaminated items
– Clearers/bussers should try and only clear dirty and contaminated items
– Anyone who comes into contact with contaminated items must wash hands (except busser/clearer unless they are about to start a different task, eg. Turn on propane heater, change keg)
– Servers to have their own designated Squirrel POS terminals if possible. When there is a change in shift, POS terminals and server’s station to be sanitized
– Single use condiments and menus will be used, but any other condiments such as salt and pepper shakers and white vinegar bottles will be sanitized after every customer use and once they are cleared from the table. Fresh Ground pepper will be discontinued at this time.
– Professional cleaning of the restaurant and bathrooms will be completed every night after closing.
– Kitchen staff will not share any small-wares while cooking. Each cook will use their own knife, spatula or tongs. If they accidentally use someone else’s equipment, that piece will be replaced on line or sanitized immediately.
– 30 minute mandatory hand washing intervals for all kitchen staff members. If using gloves than gloves must be replaced every 30 minutes
– When receiving deliveries gloves must be worn during the duration of the delivery process
– Water in kitchen dishwasher to be changed on a timed schedule.
– All unneccesary equipment to be removed from the kitchen and common areas

Step 3: Developing Policies

– All staff members returning to work or new-hires are required to review and sign the Milltown Bar and Grill “Employee Protocol and Safety Contract” (CV-8) and are asked to follow all the protocols from this agreement while working at Milltown Bar and Grill.
– Any staff member with a fever of greater than 37.5 degrees will not be permitted to work/or if a fever of greater than 37.5 degrees develops on shift by a staff member, they will immediately be sent home, asked to self -isolate and call 811.
– Mandatory fever checks may be required by all staff members before their daily shift as long as a sanitary procedure is followed and provided by management.
– If a staff member is sent home due to covid-19 like symptoms, their entire work station, areas of possible contamination will immediately be sanitized and disinfected.
– Signage will be posted upon entry for customers to not enter Milltown Bar and Grill if they are experiencing Covid like symptoms, and those symptoms will be listed. (CV-9)
– All customer confrontations stemming from new procedures regarding Covid should be directed to a manger immediately.

Step 4: Communication and Training

– All staff that are being re-hired will complete a Covid-19 Safety Plan Orientation and Training process before being permitted to work at Milltown Bar and Grill
– All new staff hired will complete a Covid-19 Plan Orientation and Training process before being permitted to work at Milltown Bar and Grill
– Proper signage for staff and customers will be displayed in appropriate places including correct Covid-19 Occupancy limits and handwashing procedures and locations.
– Extra communication and training will be provided to managers to better monitor the workplace and staff.
– Management will meet regularly to discuss any changes and also discuss those changes with the Health and Safety Committee

Step 5: Monitoring the workplace and update the Safety Plan as necessary

– All new staff will be properly trained
– If any staff members have safety concerns or suggestions with the Covid-19 safety plan, they can contact anyone on the Health and Safety Committee. Their concerns and suggestions will be addressed.
– This Safety Plan can and will be updated as time passes and concerns arise.

Step 6. Assess and address risks from resuming operations

– We have identified a safe process for staff to return to work and to try to limit the spread of Covid-19 though our cleaning procedures, as well as new serving and cooking guidelines.
– Staff are encouraged to not only follow the new protocols, but to also enforce the new rules and guidelines relating to Covid-19, or make a fellow staff member aware or inform a manager if they have mistakenly not followed a procedure properly.

Everyone’s health and safety is just as important, and everyone will have to play by the same rules. “We are all in this together”

Step 7: New additions and changes to policy (recommendations from H&S committee or staff)

– Customers not permitted to charge cell phone using Milltown Bar and Grill’s chargers, and staff not permitted to hand out their own personal charger.
– Staff not permitted to handle cell phones from other customers.
– Customers are not permitted to use their own re-usable water bottles or coffee cups at Milltown Bar and Grill.
– Staff not permitted to hand out any stationary except for sheets of paper.
– Blankets not to be handed out on patios until further notice.
– Staff encouraged to bring their own pens and not to share them.

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