Milltown Drink Menu

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16oz Sleeve $6.52, Daily Special $5.44


Sleeman Honey Brown Lager

OK Spring 1516 Bavarian Lager

OK Spring Pale Ale

Brewmaster's Black Lager

Unibroue Tap


16 oz Sleeve

Seasonal Tap ( market price )

Hoyle IPA


16oz sleeve

Anchor Steam


16oz sleeve

Budweiser, Coors Banquet, Coors Light, MGD


GF Pale Ale


Dos Equis XX, Corona, Stella Artois





Kronenbourg Blanc, Kona Big Wave, Stiegl Grapefruit Radler (2.5%)


Fuggles and Warlock Pilsner, 33 Acres, Sunshine, Parkside Dusk Pale Ale, Red Truck Lager, Four Winds Saison


330 - 350 ml/btl or can

Yellow Dog Hazy IPA,Steel & Oak Red Pilsner, Moody Ales Lavender Sour


473 ml can

Driftwood Fat Tug, Hoyne Dark Matter, Seasonal Craft Bomber


Bomber 650ml bottle




Sir Perry Pear Cider


500 ml can

Grower's Cider: Apple and Peach, Hey Y'All Hard Iced Tea



Milltown Martinis

All of our Classic Martinis are 2oz and made dry with a dash of scotch

Well Brands: Luksusowa Vodka & Beefeater Gin $10
Premium: Tanqueray: Sapphire & Stolichnaya $11, Ketel One $12, Hendricks & Grey Goose $13

The Caramel Apple 'Tini


Sour Puss Apple, Butter Ripple Schnapps, Vodka & Apple Juice

The Vanilla Passion 'Tini


Hypnotiq, Stolli Vanilla Vodka, Pineapple & Lime Juice

The Lychee 'Tini


Vodka, Lychee liqueur, Pineapple & Lime Juice

The Shaft 'Tini


Stoli Vanilla, Coffee Liqueeur, Irish Cream Liqueur, Espresso & Milk

Raspberry Drop 'Tini


House Infused Raspberry Vodka, Triple Sec, Lemon

The Livingston 'Tini


Vodka, Sour Raspberry, Blue Curacao, Cranberry Juice



Vodka, Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice, Lemon



Vodka, Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice, Lime Juice

The Chocolate 'Tini


Vodka, Creme de Cacao

Green Apple 'Tini


Vodka, Sour Puss Apple


Classic Mojito 1oz


With Appleton Rum, Fresh Mint, Lime, Sugar & Soda Water

Raspberry Mojito 1oz


Made with our House Infused Raspberry Rum

Milltown Mule 1oz


Vodka, Fresh Lime & Simple syrup with Bundaberg Ginger Beer

*Bundaberg is not available in Canada, but we make a special trip once a month because we think it's the best!

Dark & Stormy 1oz


Dark Rum with Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Try our Classic Caesar or the Milltown Spicy Caesar 1oz


Made with our House Infused 3 Pepper Vodka

The Starboard Cocktail 1oz


Our House Infused Raspberry Vodka with Soda water & Lemonade

Margaritas 1oz


We feature Blended Lime or Strawberry Margaritas, or grab a classic Lime Margarita Shaken on the rocks

The SW Marine Drive 1oz


Hendrick's Gin with Soda & Cucumber

The Marpole Breeze Boozy Blanche 1oz


House infused Raspberry Vodka, Unibroue Saison Blanche De Chambly Beer, lemonade

The Drunken Palmer 1oz


House infused Earl Gray Tea Vodka with Lemonade

Shaft 1oz


Vodka, Kahlua, Espresso, milk (poured over ice and you shoot through a straw)

Raspberry Lemon Drop 1oz


Our House Infused Raspberry Vodka, Triple Sec, Lemon, Sugar Rim

Pickle Back 1oz


A shot of Jamesons chased with pickle juice ........ Paddy's Favorite!!

Soft Drinks: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Soda water, Tonic Water


Juice: Lemonade, Ice Tea, Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Pineapple, Clamato


Juice: Tomato & Pink Grapefruit


Bottled:Bundaberg Ginger Beer


Crim City Renegade Root Beer


Odoul's Amber


Perrier Water


Bottle Water


Mocktails: V-Mojitos, V-Caesars, V-Pina coladas, V-Margaritas


Shirley Temple & Roy Rogers


Wine List

Pinot Grigio (Proprietors) Peller Estates (BC)

  • 6oz Glass$8
  • 9oz Glass $12

Chardonnay, Wayne Gretzky (BC)

  • 6 oz Glass$9.25
  • 9 oz Glass $13.75
  • Bottle$38

Chardonnay, Moraine (BC)

  • 6 oz Glass$12.50
  • 9 oz Glass$18.75
  • Bottle$52

Sauvignon Blanc, Two Oceans (South Africa)

  • 6 oz Glass$9.50
  • 9 oz Glass$14.15
  • Bottle $39

Sauvignon Blanc, Babich (New Zealand)

  • 6 oz Glass$12
  • 9 oz Glass$18
  • Bottle$49

Pinot Gris, Red Rooster (BC)

  • 6 oz Glass$10.25
  • 9 oz Glass$15.25
  • Bottle $42

Noisy Neighbour Back Yard (BC)

  • 6 oz Glass$9.50
  • 9 oz Glass$14.25
  • Bottle$39

Rose, Copper Moon (BC)

  • 6 oz Glass$8
  • 9 oz Glass$12
  • Bottle$33

Chardonnay, Hahn (California)

  • Bottle$61

Chardonnay, Mer Soleil Silver (California)

  • Bottle$76

Petit Chablis, William Fevre (California)

  • Bottle$73

Gewurztraminer, Red Rooster (BC)

  • Bottle$46

Sauvignon Blanc, Sandhill (BC)

  • Bottle$49

Pinot Grigio, Zaccagnini (Italy)

  • Bottle$50

Pinot Gris, Grey Monk (BC)

  • Bottle$47

Pinot Gris Reserve, Blue Mountain (BC)

  • Bottle$65

Hatfield's Reserve, Blasted Church (BC)

  • Bottle$46

Riesling, Wild Goose (BC)

  • Bottle$45

Rose, S du Sablette (Fra)

  • Bottle$53

Champagne, Veuve Cliquot (France)

  • Bottle$140

Prosecco, Cinzano (Italy)

  • Bottle$45

Brut (Piccolo 200ml), Freixenet (Spain)

  • Bottle$13

Merlot (Family Series), Peller Estates (BC)

  • 6 oz Glass$8
  • 9 oz Glass$13.50
  • Bottle$34

Malbec, Tamari (Arg)

  • 6 oz Glass$10
  • 9 oz Glass$15
  • Bottle$41

Shiraz, The Guild (Aus)

  • 6 oz Glass$10.50
  • 9 oz Glass$15.75
  • Bottle$43

Cabernet Merlot, Gray Monk (BC)

  • 6 oz Glass$11.25
  • 9 oz Glass$16.75
  • Bottle$46

Cabernet Sauvignon, James Mitchell (Cal)

  • 6 oz Glass$12.25
  • 9 oz Glass$10.25
  • Bottle$52

Noisy Neighbour, Back Yard (BC)

  • 6 oz Glass$9.75
  • 9 oz Glass$14.50
  • Bottle$40

Pinot Noir, Moraine (BC)

  • Bottle$57

Pinot Noir, Tuli (Cal)

  • Bottle$70

Merlot, Blasted Church (BC)

  • Bottle$57

Merlot, Rodney Strong (BC)

  • Bottle$60

Shiraz, 19 Crimes (Aus)

  • Bottle$55

Cotes Du Rhone (Syrah), E. Guigal (Fra)

  • Bottle$59

Remole (Sangiovese), Frescobaldi (Ita)

  • Bottle$42

Roso di Montalcino, Frescpbaldi (Ita)

  • Bottle$60

Temorarnillo, Beronia (Spa)

  • Bottle$56

Big Bang Theory, Blasted Church (BC)

  • Bottle$48

Cabernet Sauvignon (Reserve), Mission Hill (BC)

  • Bottle$58

Cabernet Sauvignon, Liberty School (Cal)

  • Bottle$58

Cabernet Sauvignon, Sterling (Cal)

  • Bottle$65

Cabernet Sauvignon, Caymus (Cal)

  • Bottle$170

Zinfandel, Beran (Cal)

  • Bottle$70
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